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Enduring truths


In this section you will find articles and links to these enduring truths that are part of the history of this great country, the United States, a nation founded on the idea of ​​freedom. The truth will set us free.


The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the immortal proclamation of Thomas Jefferson on the founding principles of América.Es one of the most important and momentous texts of contemporary history. This legal text was read in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 and then officially United States of America was born as an independent nation.

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The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution has been the framework for the construction of the great American, prosperous, and just great as any other nation, with its unrivaled system that has protected the fundamental rights of its citizens and that defines it as a people and nation.

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The Federalist

The Federalist  is a collection of essays arguing the case for the adoption of the Constitution of the United States and explains the principles on which it is based. It was written under the pseudonym Publius in 1788 by three leading figures of this campaign pro-constitutional: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.

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Letter from George Washington to the Hebrew Congregation

The first letter from the president to the Jewish congregation – and by extension one of the most persecuted minorities and immigrant group in history – eloquently American position that religious freedom is not only a matter of tolerance but an inherent right to the government should ensure.

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Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address

Given on November 19, 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, this is one of the best speeches, if not the best, of human history. Concise and bright, the original English version contains only 272 immortal words that Lincoln knew condense the sense of a nation and that marked the renewed commitment to the freedom of the American nation.

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Ronald Reagan: The march of freedom

In this speech to the British Parliament, President Reagan calls on West to speak and act in defense of freedom and to give way to ” a plan and a long-term desire: The march of freedom and democracy will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history … “

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